Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bit of a hair cut!

Am getting older, hair very thin compared how thick it used to be.

So I decided to cut it myself... maybe not the best idea in the world.  Watched some video on how to cut bangs.. did the ponytail trick to shorten my
hair with layers.
Having Meniere's can be a pain some times... makes going to a salon impossible.

Rose saw me trying to take a selfie... which I am horrible at.
She grabbed my hand with the kindle with her paw and brought it over. LOL
Talking to me the whole time. She is silly.

Need to style my hair a bit, forgot about my cowlick...
when I did the bangs...   it will grow out.
Just washed it, so it isn't dry.

Haven't had bangs for goodness.. what... 26++ years.
Can also style it off to the side, which I think looks better.

Thinking I might cut the longer parts shorter.

Will be interesting to see if my hair gets even more wavy.