Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hatching eggs during winter ~

 Was going to take a break from hatching chicks during this winter.
d'Anver Hens kept laying tiny eggs and well....
I couldn't help myself, I put them in the Incubator.
As the parents are so young, wasn't sure any of them would hatch.
This is the first one to make its appearance.

Above is the White Quail d'Anver chick, now up to 8 of them.

 Brought 5 grey Silkie chicks home the other night.

The other two are White Quail d'Anvers, the d'Anvers were hatched on the 11th, the Silkies in the 14th, if I remember correctly.

Hoping for a couple, future, broody Silkie hens, so
they , can raise the babies, outside.

These chicks will have to stay indoors until fully feathered...
Makes it a little easier when they are tiny bantams.