Thursday, March 31, 2016

Newest additions ~

 Blue Wheaten Ameraucana went broody on me 21+ days ago, so I gave her some eggs to hatch out.
After DH was finished with the other side of the new hen house I put her in there and she stayed on the eggs.
Thought I heard soft cheeping the other day but I did not want to push in.
Since my move to this State, I haven't had much luck with full sized hens raising chicks.
Knock on wood so far... she is doing well. Of course it had to be my BW AM hen.
Only have 5 of them. Had planned on raising a lot more of that breed, but its kind'a hard when my best goes broody.

Chicks are from Welsummers, one Buff Orp egg and I am pretty sure the huge lighter chick is that one and two pure bred BW AM eggs.
Saw 4 chicks, sure there are more under her some where. I hope any way, as I put 9 or 10 eggs in her nest.
I know pretty sad when I can't remember how many. LOL
I let her and her eggs stay in the hen house until about 3 days before they were due to hatch, before I moved the nest box with the hen and eggs in it.. lock stock and barrel, to their new home..... while I tried to keep and eye on things I am sure other hens added eggs.
Am hatching out bantams every 21 days in the house and just put a number of eggs under a Welsummer who has also gone broody.

As she starts taking them out, will make sure to check.
Here are 3 of them.

Hopefully, when they grow up, they will lay a nice 
dark Olive green egg.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Newest Bantam chicks ~

 Belgian d'Uccles and 1 d'Anver. Just 5 in all again.

Since I had an issue with the d'Uccles and I had to cull 4 of my hens.
Set aside their eggs for the last week, so I stuffed the incubator full of eggs and will have to hand turn 5 to 6 times a day for 21 days.
My incubator is so small, it can only auto turn 7 eggs
at a time.
That way, I will hopefully have replacement stock.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Bantam chicks ~

First batch of bantam chicks are growing up.
They have their first feathers.
White Quail d'Anvers, a Blue Millie d'Uccle and a Silkie.

The newest chicks, two splash white d'Anvers, two d'Uccles and two Easter Eggers.

I do wish I had a bigger incubator.

Have another batch due to hatch in a few days.

One of my large Blue Wheaten Ameraucana's went broody, so I stuck some full sized eggs under her.
 Mostly to add Olive Eggers to my flock.



Dyfra is badly allergic to many of the bugs in this State, so this year, she is going to wear a full fly sheet, a mask and lower leg protectors.
Along with being covered in fly spray. Plus her allergy meds she is fed twice a day.
She had No issues in the Pacific NW.

Peach Tree~

At least one of the fruit trees are blooming 
and looks quite pretty.
Hoping to have some peaches this year.

New tiny Hen House~

 The small Hen house is slowly getting done.
One side is mostly finished so I moved some of my d'Anvers in there.
The other side is for my Blue Wheaten AM's, so we should get it finished, I hope anyway, by next Sunday.