Thursday, March 31, 2016

Newest additions ~

 Blue Wheaten Ameraucana went broody on me 21+ days ago, so I gave her some eggs to hatch out.
After DH was finished with the other side of the new hen house I put her in there and she stayed on the eggs.
Thought I heard soft cheeping the other day but I did not want to push in.
Since my move to this State, I haven't had much luck with full sized hens raising chicks.
Knock on wood so far... she is doing well. Of course it had to be my BW AM hen.
Only have 5 of them. Had planned on raising a lot more of that breed, but its kind'a hard when my best goes broody.

Chicks are from Welsummers, one Buff Orp egg and I am pretty sure the huge lighter chick is that one and two pure bred BW AM eggs.
Saw 4 chicks, sure there are more under her some where. I hope any way, as I put 9 or 10 eggs in her nest.
I know pretty sad when I can't remember how many. LOL
I let her and her eggs stay in the hen house until about 3 days before they were due to hatch, before I moved the nest box with the hen and eggs in it.. lock stock and barrel, to their new home..... while I tried to keep and eye on things I am sure other hens added eggs.
Am hatching out bantams every 21 days in the house and just put a number of eggs under a Welsummer who has also gone broody.

As she starts taking them out, will make sure to check.
Here are 3 of them.

Hopefully, when they grow up, they will lay a nice 
dark Olive green egg.