Sunday, July 10, 2016

Air and Space Museum DC ~

 Yesterday, we went to DC... and now I remember why we don't go up there unless it is a Holiday.  
Found a parking place
on the street right next to the museum we were going to. Normally it cost $22.00 to park, but on the street.. only $4.60!!

Was very interesting, the areas that used to be grass, are now  food gardens for the people that live there. The Pres Wife has done a lot to get food gardens growing all over DC.
Very cool.

Neat to see the Enterprise model.. ....
but folks in the museum were packed in like sardines.
Walked as much as I could, about an hour and then had to quit.

If it wasn't so hot out... would of gone to the stunning Botanical gardens they have.  
Could of used a wheel chair, as there
weren't a lot of people.
Ah well.. next time.

 Original USS Enterprise Model used in the first 
Star Trek TV show.