Tuesday, December 20, 2016


 Not that long ago, DH had to go to Kauai 
on a Business trip.

I couldn't go, so he took some photos for me.

The above photo, the cliff in the background is 800' up!

Find the Helo in both photos.

Having only seen photos of Kauai from the air,
 it looked all green.
Wasn't expecting it to look like Utah or 
the Grand Canyon.

 DH said," there were chickens running wild all 
over the place".
So he took a photo of one for me. LOL

Maybe some day will get to see Hawaii in person. 

Creme Lucerne Pigeons ~

 After the issues with some of the Indian Fantails
 I ended up with.

I decided to buy a pair of Creme Lucernes.
This pair, is from parents imported from Germany.

 They came in very healthy and knock on wood, 
they are doing great.

 Trying to get some action shots of them.

 Not impressed that I stuck a Camera up in their shelf, 
to take a photo.

They look more like Teddy Bears, than birds.

Enjoying them a lot.

New Chicks~

 Winter seems to be the time to hatch out new chicks.
First two photos are of newly hatched, not quite dried off
Belgian d'Anvers.

 Can see how tiny they are.

New to me Brooder is working out very well.

Also have 1 Olive Egger and 4 French Marans 
that hatched out as well.

Have another 16 d'Anver eggs in the incubator right now.
After that batch, will have to wait for awhile, so they can feather out enough to go outside.

Friday, December 9, 2016

African Violet ~

Everyone knows when I moved, 
I gave all my African violets to a friend. 
As they would not be able to handle a month in the dark.

2 years ago, I bought one mini African violet plant.....
And it is finally Blooming!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Theo and Astras first day out~

 Astra and Theo, the mini Indian Fantails...
first day out in the flight cage. 

Astra is bold as brass, no worries in her.  
Theo is not quite sure.

Astra wasn't sure about me with the camera 
making clicking sounds.