Sunday, January 24, 2016

Yup, lots of SNOW ~

 Okie dokie....
 this is officially the most snow I have seen since 
I moved here. 
You have to shovel to get any where.

Also very glad, DH and DS are home.... would of taken me half the day to feed and water everyone.

Icelandic's are super happy. LOL

 The snow drifts in the round pen, would be at least to my arm pits.

Very glad the wind scrubbed in front of the hay shed, other wise, that would of been a bear.

 Getting to Maggie was really hard, most places I walked, snow was over my boots. Maggie's gate, I couldn't get it open, but since it is a self gate, was able to bend it so I could squeeze in. She was ok.. still had plenty of food and water.

 Glad we have a good snow shovel... DS digging out a much needed path from the hay shed to the main horse pasture.
Thank you DS!

  The horses and animals packed the snow down around their shed. Less work there.

DH will try to get the long driveway opened up to the road.
The plows finally came through, and the snow is piled up at the end of the drive,... would say.. at least to my arm pits. Should be fun.

Wee bit of snow piled up, as DH tries to get in front of the garage doors cleared.

DH trying to get to the road.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow ~

 Mostly taken from inside, hard to see how deep. 
Depending on where the snow was blown around.... any where from 5" from where the wind has blown it away to nearly 16" as per my boots.
Some of the area's the wind hasn't gotten too is about 20"... which meant snow inside my boot.

(now compared to Donner Lake, CA, NH, even some years in Oregon... this is nothing.)
Though I might revise that, if we get the another 12" of new snow today, the News Channels, are saying we should get in this area.

And a little later in the day, snow getting much heavier.

If this keeps up, this will be the most snow I have dealt with in this State.
Is over the tops of my farm boots.
That and the very high winds make it tough going.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Eggs ~

Beautiful color eggs.
On the left, we have a Blue Wheaten Ameraucana egg, in a deep turquoise color and 
to the right, is a blue/blue egg from my 
Crested Creole Legbars.


Chicks have been moved into the Play Pen ~

 First batch of chicks have out grown the guest bathroom.
OK, should say the Silkies are massive, and that's the reason they had to move out.
Normally I would have them out of the house well before now, anyway.
But with the cold weather... haven't been able too.

So the playpen is back up and now they are in the living room.
Silkies, couple of d'Uccles and my White Quail d'Anvers.

I do have 4 more smaller chicks in one of the bedrooms and I have more in an incubator due to hatch out in 10 days or so.

 Belgian d'Uccle Bantam.... with some wild colors going on.
Very friendly too.

Propagating plants ~

First snow of the season... so what do I do?
 Well, I decided to try propagating a Parlor Palm, the Ficus and a Jasmine I have in the house.

Keeping my fingers crossed, in a few weeks I will 
see some roots.

Hopefully, I will get my green thumb back.