Friday, March 31, 2017

Belgian d'Uccles and hatching eggs ~

Hatched out 8 Belgian d'Uccle chicks.

 Will either be Buff, Buff Mottled and I think one will be a Blue Millie, if it runs the same way as the past chicks. 

One was a fighter, still pipping the next day. So I helped, had wry neck so I gave it vitamins and a couple of hours... Poof!  All better.

Gave them the Mareks vaccine the next day.

Keep fingers crossed for the shipped eggs. My Postal person tossed the box over the gate. 
Marked eggs are the ones I had shipped.

Cleaned out the incubator and put in the d'Anver eggs Kristen sent me and some more d'Uccle eggs.

Also picked up 4 Splash Marans chicks from a friend.

So the top of my double deck brooder has the d'Uccles, bottom part is for the Marans. I will have to shift the Marans out in a month.... big breeds just get too large and messy to be in the house long.