Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ice Storm ~

 Yup, we have Ice. 
Any where from 1/8 to a 1/2" depend how exposed things are.

I had to walk to the garage to get a hammer to beat the living day lights out of one of the latches so I could get into the main horse pasture.
(normally DH puts heavy duty gear grease on them, and they will work no matter how much Ice is on them)

Couldn't get into Maggie's pen, so I had to pick up and move part of the round pen to get in.

Nets are sagging in an impressive manner but still holding. I could not, knock the ice off.. stuff is very sticky.
Going to leave the poultry and pigeons in for now.

If this keeps up, we are going to loose trees. And the fruit trees in full bloom....  looks like I will not get any fruit from them this year.

Used my grippy boots I got at Cabela's all those years ago. Of course I am out of salt, so DH  will need to bring home salt, and put it on the steps tonight.

After this storm is over, will have a few hours work on just the fence.
 Leyland Murry and Cypress, not fairing well. Keeping my fingers crossed I don't loose them.

 A not happy Birch tree.

Plum tree, was full of flowers and just starting to set fruit.
 Not going to get fruit from a few of the trees because of this Ice.

 News said, its going to be like this tomorrow too.  Yea....