Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dancing through the snow~~~

On my twit of a horse......sigh.. they don't call Icelandics, the sports car of the horse World without good reason.
Decided to go out for a ride.. snow is starting to melt,, bit warmer at 35*. So I get Dyfra tacked up and we start out. DS can't get the main pasture gate open because there is too much snow.OK.. fine.. I will just putter about in the night pasture. Ha ! Dyfra had other ideas.. She was doing her... Oh my G** oh my G**... thing. :p So I look around to see what might be bothering her. You would not guess what it is... This is the horse I take into the woods and still sitting in the saddle, prune limbs and branches off trees, which fall on her and all about her .. drag branches and so on off the path with me still riding...........and she doesn't care.
She didn't like the horse killing snow falling off the tree branches.:grit:
By the time DS tooks some of the pictures we pretty much packed the snow down.

So instead of the nice relaxing ride I was wanting... I got Dashing through the snow... Circles, figure 8's... .. until she finally calmed down an hour later. Sigh ~~Just glad she is very steady on her hooves and she has no issues with traction in the snow.

At least I wasn't cold,,, nothing better than Military clothes and a Charles Ownen Beta 3 Safety Vest under ones jacket.