Friday, December 5, 2008

Had a nice ride out this morning~

Had DS come out with me to take some pictures of me riding.
Yes,, I know I am sitting funny and I am wearing a Beta 3 safety vest under my jacket so I look a lot larger than usual. VBG ... oh and my classic military pants I where when I ride out in the woods.:D Nothing better for repelling Blackberry vines.
Also riding Dyfra in a bit which I don't normally do, with very little to no contact on the reins. Most of the photos are of Dyfra cantering but don't think any one could tell because she looks more like a Yak! (don't think I my back is ready for that much canter quite yet..even when Dyfra is super smooth)
Am riding with a Treeless Saddle called the Hybrid Sensation.

In a couple of photographs you can Ella following along, she comes on some of our rides. Is nice to have company once in awhile.
All in All had a very nice time riding.