Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Long Thanksgiving Day~

We weren't sure what we were going to do for the day at first but I did find out the Zoo was having a special and folks could get in for free. Free's good!

Christopher and I made the pumpkin pies the night before,, he made the crust which turned out very well and I made the filling. So that was taken care of. We had a Organic Turkey breast for dinner but that will not take long to cook.

Thanksgiving morning was pretty cold about 34*, however we decided to bundle up and go to the Zoo early in the morning anyway.Was fairly crowded but not bad being how cold it was. DH rented me a scooter so I could also enjoy the zoo and off we went. Captured a few photos but think my Evolt 510 is going down hill. My old Nikon cp4300 can now take better photos than the 510. Guess back to the shop it will have to go.
We did enjoy the Zoo outing.

Back home DH and DS started with the main part of our dinner,,, then Sadie our orange cat was not feeling well. She was not fed any kind of human food, was nothing for her to get into.
We had our dinner and Sadie was getting worse. Figures.. on a Holiday when finding a Vet is extremely hard. I called up a local Vet hospital and get directions. It was about 1am at the time and DH & DS take Sadie to the hospital. Only.. they can't find it and they call the hospital again and there was no answer so they just come home.
8am the next morning we were on the road to our normal Vet and checked Sadie in. She stayed there all day and the Vets found out she had some kind of blockage, most likely a hair ball but the Vets managed to get it moved out without surgery, for which I was very glad. For a free kitten...she is sure getting very spendy but we love her any way.
So that is how our day went in a nut shell.

DS feeding the Lorikeets

New baby Elephant at the Zoo. Boy was it a jungle to get close enough to take pictures with my camera over my head!

Seems to be saying, "Go on~ Make my Day!".

Tiger, seems to be thinking humans would make tasty snacks.

Wood duck.

This Zoo mostly has warm clime animals, so the majority were inside because of the weather.