Saturday, May 2, 2009

White Icelandic, Nari DS and the Tulips ...oh my.

DS was grooming Dyfra out for me the other day, so I could work on Stjarna. But I had to take a quick photo. Notice where his cat Nari is.. couple of years ago...Dyyfra would of been "IN" the tree. Now she doesn't mind...or associates the cat with getting groomed, so at least that cat is a good thing. LOL

You can see.. the Japanese flowering Cherries are finally blooming, they were really late this year.

Where Nari likes to be.... have no idea what she is thinking? Free ride...wants to get DS attention so she tap dances on his shoulders or??

DH Beautiful Tulips.... he picked the colors.

I had never seen Orange tulips... but now I have. Very bright and cheerful to say the least.