Friday, April 22, 2011

Lots of Hail

In fact, ever since we moved to the NW from NH, I have never seen so much hail. I did not get a photo of it but I heard a weird sound and looked out the bedroom window, and here comes a wall of white.... very impressive to say the least because it was hail. Small hail Thank goodness.
And it was Bouncy hail! Tried to take photos of that, but wasn't really able to capture how impressive it was. If you click on the photos you can kind'a see some of the hail bouncing back up.


Squirrelhaus said...

Awesome!!!! I love hail when it's small, tons of little frozen raindrops!!!!!!!!!
Have a Blessed Easter Holiday!
Love you all
Chris :o)

Shari said...

Thank you Christa! And may you and your family have a wonderful Easter too. ;O)