Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Naming the Lambs and the new Scratch thingy

The Cats had decided scratching the back of the chair was a fun thing to do. Me, not so much. So I found a heavy duty card board scratch thingy, not sure what else to call it. And that has seemed to of done the trick. They now happily play on and scratch the new thingy, not the chair. Just wish I thought of it sooner.
Was trying to get Mia to pose pretty for me but she was more interested in playing.

After reading about all the interesting ah.... name ideas for the lambs by my friends and DH ;O) LOL....
I had these two names pop into my head, Apollo and Atlas. Both are named after satellites, as I figure once they figure out where their grain and hay come from, they will be running around me, like two satellites.

It hasn't been a full day yet since they arrived, but this morning when they saw me walking towards them with the feed bucket, I sure had their attention. They even followed me into the shed. Apollo was the first to come up to the bucket before I could back away. Atlas, stood off a little with a hopeful look in his eye, so I backed away and he came and ate out of his feed pan. I do not think it will take long to tame them the way I want. So halter training can start next week.
I do really enjoy having sheep again.

Looks like we are going to finally have a much needed break from the rain today. So much to do, so little time to do it.


Squirrelhaus said...

They seem to have different colors in their coats, is this due to winter or is this natural to this type of sheep?
Chris :o)

Shari said...

Yes, this breed has all kinds of color it's coat. They will be the same color in the summer but just with a short coat. Rather like an Icelandic Horse. ;O)