Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Two French Hens~

The day I had to run Sadie to the ER room..... my 2 French Hens were due to be delivered. 
Sadie was more important but the Hens would have to be picked up at the post office.
So DS stayed home from College.
They are just feathered out Blue Copper Maran Pullets.
Bit scruffy looking since they were shipped.
Then my DS had to pipe up.... Hey Mom, you have Two French Hens.... we just need a pear tree with a partridge in it. Rolled my eyes at him and told him we have Pear trees in the Orchard. OK then, he said... we just need to buy a Partridge and we will be all set for Xmas... 
Sigh ~~ LOL

These hens will lay very dark chocolate colored looking eggs.